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Barış Enli

I would never imagine that teaching English is not that easy. In this training program I learnt many diffrent kinds of educational teaching styles, tactics, theorotical, vocational and extremely useful knowledge. I can feel the differences in me in teaching before and after. I’ve actually acquired more self-confidience in teaching how to discourse towards the community or a class. I thought it was really scary and hard, but now I understand that it s much more fun and a good exprience when you handle the items what you need to find out basicly after getting over the rocky road.

Pınar Taşdelen

Knowing English actually does not mean you also can teach. Before I applied TESOL program I thought if I can speak, I could teach easily. But when I started the program, I realized that it was a wrong assumption. TESOL program is new in Turkey, so many schools and English courses are looking for teachers who make difference with their TESOL certificate. TESOL taught me the way to be a good teacher. On the other hand, I realized what my weaknesses are and learnt how to fix them. Honestly, before participating in TESOL program, I thought that teaching was just giving explanations with some examples. After the program, I know that teaching is not that simple and the most crucial part is observation, planning and preparation for each lesson. Now I can honestly say that I was far away from being a teacher before. During the program we were provided with theoretical information on the best ways to teach English and had chance to make practice during role plays. Practicum part showed me how I could use these methods in a real life lesson. I now know that to become a good teacher I always need to think out of the box, be a good planner and must be flexible to overcome potential problems that may arise during the sessions.

Murathan Kale

The TESOL course provided by Queen TESOL Centre in Istanbul, which I attended for nine weekends, allowed me to look at ESL teaching from a different perspective and helped me become a more qualified and knowledgeable English teacher. Through my experience at Queen TESOL Centre and the support, advice and information given by my instructors, I learned more effective ways of observing students’ learning and soliciting feedback from them, as well as how to incorporate that crucial information into my work. Thanks a lot - keep up the work!