TESOL for Children is an upgrade program to specialize in Children Education in ELT. It is a practical course that enables you to improve your teaching skills and teach children effectively. The program is built  on the skills developed in TESOL and on completion to both programs participants achieve a diploma. The course provides knowledge on learning about physical, cognitive and emotional development of children that teachers can  apply to teaching topics like reading, writing and phonics. The course also covers the effective use of games, songs, chants and drama, all the while motivating children for long term learning. On completion of this course graduates will be ready to teach English to children and positively discipline them in a wide variety of situations.




Diploma Program

Program Length

4 weeks full-time / 8 weeks part-time (106 hours )


10.30 am to 05:30 pm Monday to Thursday;

Graduation Requirements

70% average upon successful completion of all in-class modules



Week One

·  Children as Learners

·  Lesson Planning

·  Games

·  Mini Lesson 1: Lead a Game

Week Two

·  Quiz 1

·  Teacher Talk

·  Songs, Rhymes & Chants

·  Group Formation

·  Student-Led Activity-Based Micro Teaching

Week Three

·  Phonics & Spelling

·  Mini Lesson 2: Phonetic Rules

·  Reading

·  Mini Lesson 3: Storytime

·  Writing

Week Four

·  Quiz 2

·  Writing

·  Drama

·  Positive Discipline

·  Student-Led Unit Plans Micro-Teaching

·   Earn a TESOL for Children diploma in 4 weeks

·   Daily in-class teaching practices



Elementary school teaching, daycare, preschool teaching, tutoring, private academy teaching