Our Difference

 The first and only internationally recognized TESOL in Turkey is at Queen TESOL Centre. Not only will you receive a TESOL certificate, but a Canadian certification as well. This will allow you to prove that you have received a TESOL certificate from an English speaking country, which will give you a competitive advantage when applying for a job.

     On completion of this course, graduates will have the chance to continue their ESL career with the TESOL Advanced Program at our sister school, KGIBC-CTC, and receive a TESL Canada Accreditation from Canada.

     At KGIBC-CTC, students will also have the chance to focus on different specialities after completing our TESOL program such as: TESOL for Adults; TESOL for Children; TESOL for Middle School; or TESOL for Test Preparation.

For more information on the accreditation status of KGIBC-CTC, please check: